Our Process

Our Process Step-by-Step

  1. You initiate contact with our office by completing an online form, sending us an email or calling us about problems you are experiencing with your vehicle.

  2. One of our team members calls you to get important details about the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle.

  3. If you qualify, our team member will send you a retainer agreement and questionnaire to be completed and signed electronically.

  4. Next we will request you send your repair order and your sales documents.

  5. Once we receive the requested documents, we conduct an extensive investigation about your vehicle including research about recalls, lawsuits, warranty and repair history, VIN# research, blog research, & manufacturer bulletins about your vehicle.

  6. Next our attorney evaluates your case and prepares a lawsuit or a notice of demand to send to the manufacturer so that the manufacturer has notice of the claim and requires them to evaluate your case.

  7. Our attorney then takes the proper steps to advocate for you to recover for you an appropriate settlement award or verdict.

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