Kevin Duck is a Lemon Law attorney with over 28 years of experience who is dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers and has recovered millions of dollars for his Lemon Law clients. He has handled complex multi-district and class action consumer litigation and has appeared and been admitted in District Courts throughout the United States, including Louisiana, Texas, California, Michigan, Florida and Indiana.

Additionally, Kevin Duck is a member of the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forumhas been honored to be peer-selected by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel as being in the Top 1% of practicing attorneys in the United States, and is a member of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100.

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• U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit
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The details of your experience and the damages it has caused you and your family are extremely important to us and your case.

With us, you are not a number, a file in a cabinet, you are one of a kind and you matter!

We have the financial resources needed to take all measures necessary to provide for the best possible result.

Over 28 years of trial and courtroom experience.

My life has always been based upon the philosophy if it is worth doing then it is worth doing it right. The value of the case has never dictated my effort or commitment. I do it one way, the right way!

Honor and character are the foundation of our firm.

While we cannot promise results, we can promise hard work, commitment and integrity which have resulted in the recovery of millions on behalf of our clients.

If you demand individual attention and a lemon law attorney  who is committed to doing his best to represent you and who you know you can trust, then you have found that attorney. Contact us and we will fight for you.


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Vehicle repair

Defective Autos - What is Lemon Law and how can Auto Lemon Lawyer help?

When you purchase a new vehicle, you expect it to work properly. Unfortunately, sometimes defects are hidden and can become apparent only after you’ve taken ownership of the vehicle. That’s where Lemon Law comes in. Lemon Law, and other laws designed to protect consumers who purchase defective vehicles, provides consumers with legal remedies when they’ve purchased a defective product, including the manufacturer repurchasing the vehicle or reducing the purchase price.

But in order to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for you lemon car, it’s important to have an experienced Lemon Law attorney on your side. At Auto Lemon Lawyer, our lead Lemon Law attorney, Kevin Duck, is an experienced Lemon Law attorney who is dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers and has recovered millions of dollars for his Lemon Law clients.

Whether you’re dealing with your lemon car in Louisiana, Texas, or Colorado, our Lemon Law attorney is here to provide you with the legal representation you need. We’ll fight to protect your rights as a consumer and hold the dealers and manufacturers accountable for selling you a defective product.

If you’re looking for experienced and dedicated Lemon Law attorney, contact Auto Lemon Lawyer today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You initiate contact with our office by completing an online form, sending us an email or calling us about problems you are experiencing with your vehicle.
  2. One of our team members calls you to get important details about the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle.
  3. If you qualify, our team member will send you a retainer agreement and questionnaire to be completed and signed electronically.
  4. Next we will request you send your repair order and your sales documents.
  5. Once we receive the requested documents, we conduct an extensive investigation about your vehicle including research about recalls, lawsuits, warranty and repair history, VIN# research, blog research, & manufacturer bulletins about your vehicle.
  6. Next our lemon law attorney evaluates your case and prepares a lawsuit or a notice of demand to send to the manufacturer so that the manufacturer has notice of the claim and requires them to evaluate your case.
  7. Our attorney then takes the proper steps to advocate for you to recover for you an appropriate settlement award or verdict.

Lemon Law sets forth the minimum number of repairs or days out of service in order for your vehicle to qualify as a lemon. Typically, a minimum of 4 repairs on the same component within the warranty period or 12 months, whichever occurs first is required. HOWEVER, there are other applicable consumer laws that apply that allow you to recover compensation for a “lemon” / defective vehicle.

Our qualifications require that your vehicle have a minimum of 2 warranty  repairs within the warranty period or 12 months, whichever occurred first and a minimum of 14 days out of service. There may be other requirements that vary from vehicle to vehicle, including purchase price and the nature of the repairs.

If you qualify, absolutely. Typically [80%] recovery is anywhere 5% to 20% of the purchase price. The range depends on the number of repairs, nature of the repairs. mileage on the vehicle and days out of service. In some instances, the damages will exceed 20% due to the extent of the defect, circumstances and days out of service. In the event the defect renders the vehicle useless, or so unsafe that a reasonable person would not drive the vehicle, then the buyer may be entitled to a repurchase. A repurchase is where the manufacturer reimburses you for what you paid, pays off any outstanding balance. However, the manufacturer may seek credit for the milage on the vehicle.

The law provides that if the buyer proves a manufacturing defect with vehicle that the manufacturer is liable for the buyers attorney fees. Part of our investigation and evaluation process is to identify manufacturing defects. When we proceed we are confident we can prove a manufacturing defect. Thus, we seek our attorney fees from the manufacturer. If a settlement can be reached, the fees will be part of the settlement agreement. If the case goes to trial, the fees will be part of a verdict or order. Either way, you are not required to pre-pay fees, pay a retainer or pay fees in the event we fail to make a recovery on your behalf.

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