Lemon Law Claims for High-End Vehicles and Supercars

If you’ve purchased a high-end vehicle or supercar only to discover it has serious defects that substantially impair its use, value, or safety, you may have a lemon on your hands. Fortunately, lemon laws exist to protect consumers who unknowingly purchase defective vehicles.

If you find yourself in this frustrating situation, consult an experienced auto lemon law attorney in Texas who can explain your rights and options for seeking a refund or replacement vehicle.

What is a “Lemon”?

Lemon Law Claims for High-End Vehicles and Supercars

A lemon is a vehicle with a defect or condition that substantially impairs its use, value, or safety and that is not fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts. Each state has its own lemon law that specifies exactly what qualifies a vehicle as a lemon. Generally, if a new vehicle has a serious defect that cannot be repaired after multiple attempts or has been out of service for repairs for an extended period, it may be deemed a lemon.

While any new vehicle can potentially be a lemon, it can be especially upsetting when a consumer discovers their expensive high-end vehicle or exotic supercar has major problems. Spending six figures or more on a luxury vehicle only to have it spend more time in the shop than on the road is a nightmarish scenario. If this happens to you, a skilled auto lemon law lawyer can aggressively pursue a lemon law claim on your behalf and work to get you properly compensated.

High-End Vehicles Prone to Lemon Law Issues

Certain high-end vehicles seem more prone to lemon law claims than others. Ferrari, known for their high-performance supercars, has faced lemon law claims over engine and transmission defects, electrical system malfunctions, and persistent check engine lights. Lamborghini, another maker of ultra-high-end sports cars, has seen lemon law cases involving problems like oil leaks, power loss, defective e-gear transmissions, and malfunctioning infotainment systems.

British luxury automaker Bentley produces high-end sedans and SUVs. Some Bentley models, like the Continental and Flying Spur, have been subject to lemon law claims over defects like coolant and oil leaks, turbocharger failures, and recurring check engine lights. Known for opulent, handcrafted luxury vehicles, Rolls-Royce has still faced the occasional lemon lawsuit. Issues that led to Rolls-Royce lemons include electronic system glitches, transmission defects, and persistent rattles and squeaks.

Producing some of the most expensive supercars in the world, McLaren isn’t immune to the lemon law. Some McLaren models, like the 570S, have been deemed lemons due to severe issues like catastrophic engine failures. Even the most prestigious luxury brands can produce the occasional lemon.

If you suspect your high-end vehicle may qualify as a lemon under your state’s laws, discussing the situation with a knowledgeable auto lemon law attorney is wise. They can assess your case and advise you on proceeding with a claim.

Typical Defects in High-End Lemon Vehicle

Typical Defects in High-End Lemon Vehicles

Some of the most common types of substantial defects in high-end vehicles and supercars that lead to lemon law claims include engine defects, transmission problems, electrical system malfunctions, persistent check engine lights, fuel system issues, suspension and alignment defects, and HVAC problems.

Engine defects can encompass major engine problems that affect vehicle safety and performance, like severe oil consumption, turbocharger failure, timing chain defects, or catastrophic engine failure. Transmission problems may involve defective transmissions that slip, lurch, fail to engage, or completely fail, making the vehicle undrivable. Electrical system malfunctions can include faulty wiring, computer modules, touchscreens, cameras, or driver assistance systems that render important vehicle features unusable.

Persistent check engine lights refer to dashboard warning lights that remain on after multiple repair attempts, indicating an unfixable defect. Fuel system issues can involve severe problems with fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and fuel sensors that affect vehicle reliability and safety. Suspension and alignment defects may include major suspension or wheel alignment problems that affect handling and cause premature tire wear. HVAC problems encompass defective heating, cooling, and ventilation systems that fail to function properly and cannot be satisfactorily repaired.

Exotic vehicles are complex machines with numerous computer modules, high-tech features, and finely-tuned mechanical systems. The more complex a vehicle is, the more opportunities for things to go wrong. Add in the fact that high-end vehicles are often produced in very limited numbers, and it’s easy to see why these expensive models can be more prone to lemon-worthy defects.

If your luxury vehicle exhibits any of the issues described above and remains unfixed after multiple repair attempts, it’s time to discuss your situation with a skilled auto lemon law lawyer to see if you have a valid claim.

Unique Challenges with High-End Lemon Law Claims

Lemon law claims involving high-end luxury vehicles and supercars often present unique challenges that a seasoned auto lemon law attorney can handle. One such challenge is repair delays due to parts scarcity. Limited-production exotic vehicles often use proprietary parts not shared with any other models. When these specialized parts prove defective, it can lead to lengthy repair delays as the dealership has difficulty sourcing replacements.

Another challenge is the difficulty documenting defects. Some defects in high-end vehicles can be difficult for the average driver to identify and document, such as subtle variances in engine performance or handling. An experienced lawyer can connect you with expert witnesses to substantiate such defects.

Pushback from manufacturers is another common challenge. High-end automakers work hard to cultivate a reputation for impeccable quality and engineering. They may be more resistant to lemon law claims to protect their brand image, making having skilled legal counsel in your corner especially important.

Finally, higher costs and buyback settlements can present challenges. When ultra-luxury vehicles are bought back under lemon laws, the automaker may face costly payouts, which may make it that much harder to fight the claim.

A seasoned attorney can keep the pressure on and work to secure the highest settlement. If your high-end vehicle turns out to be a lemon, don’t expect the manufacturer to be eager to resolve your claim. You’ll need an aggressive auto lemon law lawyer with specific experience handling cases involving luxury and exotic vehicles.

Pursuing a Lemon Law Claim for Your High-End Vehicle

Pursuing a Lemon Law Claim for Your High-End Vehicle

If you suspect your expensive luxury car or supercar is a lemon, the first step is to consult an auto lemon law attorney as soon as possible to evaluate your claim. Select an established lemon law firm with a strong track record of successful outcomes in cases involving high-end vehicles.

Your lemon lawyer will thoroughly review your purchase contract, warranty, repair receipts, and all other documentation related to your vehicle’s defects. If they determine you have a strong lemon law claim, they will typically begin by sending the manufacturer a demand letter notifying them of the claim.

If the manufacturer does not agree to an appropriate settlement, your auto lemon law lawyer may file a lawsuit. This is where having a skilled attorney in your corner is vital.

Lemon law litigation is complex, and high-end automakers have considerable resources to fight claims. Your lawyer will handle all aspects of the suit, including gathering additional evidence to substantiate your claim, identifying and interviewing key witnesses, hiring expert witnesses to provide compelling testimony, drafting and filing all necessary court documents, vigorously advocating for your rights in court, and negotiating aggressively for the maximum settlement.

A successful lemon law case will typically result in one of the following outcomes: repurchase, replacement, or cash settlement. In a repurchase, the manufacturer refunds your purchase price (minus a usage fee) and takes possession of the defective vehicle. This is often the preferred resolution for most high-end lemon cases.

In a replacement, the manufacturer provides you with a new vehicle of the same model to replace the defective one. This may be difficult in high-end cases if the model is highly specialized or no longer in production. A cash settlement involves the manufacturer offering you a sum to drop the lemon law claim and keep the vehicle. This is often a last resort if the manufacturer believes they will likely lose in court.

Regardless of the outcomes you seek, you’ll want a battle-tested auto lemon law attorney in your corner fighting to get you every dollar you deserve. Be sure to select a lawyer who works on contingency, so you won’t pay any upfront fees; they only get paid if you win.

Choose the Right Representation for Your High-End Lemon Claim

If chronic defects and repeated dealership repairs have plagued your high-performance vehicle, you owe it to yourself to explore your lemon law rights. Schedule a free case evaluation with a top-tier auto lemon law firm today and take the first step toward getting the compensation you deserve.