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General Motors Corporation is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan that designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts, and also sells financial services. GM automotive brands include GM, BUICK, CHEVROLET and CADILLAC.

(GM Customer Service Number: 800-462-8782. GM Website:

GM makes quality automotive products. However, like all manufacturers, they make their share of “LEMONS”. Louisiana Lemon Lawyer has represented hundreds of GM owners who, unfortunately, purchased GM lemons.


2016 Cadillac Escalade: $40,000
2020 GMC Sierra: $35,000
2016 Cadillac Escalade: $35,000
2019 GMC Sierra: $26,000
2017 GMC Sierra: $25,000.00
2019 GMC Canyon: $28,000.00
2019 Chevrolet Silverado: $28,000.00
2017 Chevrolet Silverado: $27,000.00


GMC Sierra
GMC Acadia
GMC Yukon
Chevrolet Silverado
Chevrolet Colorado
Chevrolet Camaro
Cadillac Escalade


What Issues Are People Reporting with their Transmission?

When a driver accelerates or decelerates, the cars will reportedly hesitate and then shudder, jerk, clunk or “hard shift” when the automatic transmission switches gears. This may also occur when the vehicles are accelerating in a single gear and not necessarily switching gears. GM has issued 13 technical service bulletins related to shifting issues alone, but none of the suggested repairs have remedied the problem. Dozens of complaints have been submitted by drivers to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over these transmission problems.

Shuddering and Jerking Issues Affecting the Transmission

It is believed that the shuddering and jerking problem is related to issues within the transmission and possibly the torque converter. These internal issues can cause “undue friction” and result in the hydraulic systems and gears not functioning properly. This leads to metal shavings circulating throughout the transmission.

Some clients claim that they needed to have their transmissions flushed because of the metal shavings. Others needed to replace their transmission, torque converter or valve body because of the alleged defect.

Vehicles Affected By Faulty GM 8-Speed Transmission:

2015-2019 Chevrolet Silverado
2017-2019 Chevrolet Colorado
2015-2019 Chevrolet Corvette
2016-2019 Chevrolet Camaro
2015-2019 Cadillac Escalade
2015-2019 Cadillac Escalade ESV
2016-2019 Cadillac ATS
2016-2019 Cadillac ATS-V
2016-2019 Cadillac CTS
2016-2019 Cadillac CT6
2016-2019 Cadillac CTS-V
2015-2019 GMC Sierra
2015-2019 GMC Yukon
2015-2019 GMC Yukon XL
2015-2019 GMC Yukon Denali XL
2017-2019 GMC Canyon

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Don’t Throw Money Away, Work With a Trusted Lemon Lawyer

If you have experienced any of these problems with your vehicle, contact me, I CAN HELP YOU! I am a Consumer Law Attorney with over 26 years of experience successfully handling thousands of lemon law cases throughout the United States. We have recovered millions for our clients.

We research your vehicle and collect documents that allow us to maximize your recovery from the manufacturer. The award or settlement is typically based on the severity of the defect, the number of repair attempts, and the number of days in the shop.

All too often, consumers throw away thousands of dollars that they could have collected from the manufacturer as a result of doing nothing after they buy a lemon. Do NOT throw away money that you may be owed by simply doing nothing. CALL LOUISIANA LEMON LAWYER (877-902-1144) for a FREE consult. The interview does not take a lot of your time and the only documents we need to evaluate your case are the sales documents and warranty history. An hour of your time may result in you recovering thousands of dollars for your LEMON!

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